Moving On From Malta

The time has come to move on. Literally. We’ve decided that we’re ready to move from Malta, and this little rock we’ve called home for the past three years. The decision did not come easily, but a number of factors aligned together that lead us to come to this conclusion. Of course, it will be bittersweet. We’ll be leaving…


A Girl’s Guide to Amsterdam: de Pijp

This is part of a three-post series on our favourite spots in 3 of the best neighbourhood’s of Amsterdam. For the other two parts, click here for the Guide to Jordaan, and here for the Guide to the 9 Streets. De Pijp area is the ultimate cool-girl’s spot. Not only is it heavily residential, but…


A Girl’s Guide to Amsterdam: 9 Straatjes

If you’re looking for shopping, then the ‘De Negen Straatjes’ (or The 9 Streets) is where you should head to. It’s store after store of boutiques, one-off shops, and a few great chains that make the cut, dotted with some great restaurants and cafes in between. I found myself coming back to this area again…


A Girl’s Guide to Amsterdam 1: JORDAAN

Amsterdam has officially risen to the top of my favourite cities list. The architecture is unparalleled. The food is divine. The shopping is insane. And the way of life seemed to be ideal. Strolling along anyone of the canal-lined streets, you’ll notice that houses’ front doors are open, the curtains are not drawn shut, and children…


Bloody Acai Halloween Cocktail

Whether you’re throwing a party this year, or just need something to sip on while dishing candy out to the trick & treaters, then this ‘Bloody Acai’ cocktail is for you. The acai berry puree gives it a deep rich purple colour (not to mention a serious antioxidant boost!), as well as a cloudy look…


Silk Slip in Shoreditch

I instantly fell in love with this pink silk slip the moment I saw it. The only problem was it was in the nightgown section. And I had no intention of wearing it to sleep, but all the inclination to wear it out on the street. The solution? A plain white tshirt dress underneath, and done!…


Birthday Banoffee Pavlova Pie

It was recently my good friend’s birthday. When we first met a few years ago, and we talked about our favourite desserts (naturally), I remember she mentioned her absolute favourite was pavlova. Definitely not one to top my dessert list, I thought pavlova an odd pick – as it’s basically only egg whites – so…


Bell Sleeves in the Slovenian Alps

< Many people speak of belonging next to the sea. While I certainly can attest to that, I feel myself equally as drawn to the mountains. Something about being immersed among nature’s biggest beasts, mountains are simply majestic (you can read about the first time I saw them here). When we discovered Slovenia was known not…


Travel in Style: The Belle Voyage

Introducing the Travel in Style series, in which we ask influencers from around the world how they travel in style. Travel is such a personal experience, and everyone’s trip preferences are so unique that no two people are the same. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty particular when it comes to travel. Having said…


10 Malta Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Malta is small but mighty. With less than half a million residents in a tiny piece of land, it’s hard to believe a country of this size could be something notable. But what the Maltese islands may lack in population and sheer size, they more than make up for in awe-inspiring landscapes, architectural beauty, seaside wonders,…

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