Winter Survival Guide

Contrary to the Spring is in the Air post last week, this Winter Survival is how to make it through the last of the winter wrath, without just giving up and moving to the Caribbean (although that is not discouraged). With the recent dumping of snow we received in Toronto, I think everyone is completely fed up with the impossibly long winter we’ve had this season. However, as much as we’d all like to make the snow disappear, we must endure it, and so we might as well enjoy it!

First of all, you have to be equipped. If you’ve been schlepping through the slush in unlined leather boots and poor accessories all along, it’s time to upgrade. The winter might be nearing its end (keyword is ‘might’), but that doesn’t mean it won’t be just as bad next year! Invest now in some Winter Essentials that will not only make you feel better about the current March blizzards, but will also have you prepared come next year!

Here are my last of Winter Survival Guide:

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A great pair of warm + waterproof + stylish winter boots.
I purchased these Santana boots earlier in the season and although I was apprehensive at first, have they ever served me well. The lower rubber boot portion is perfect for trekking through any snow/slush/sleet/water obstacles, and the upper leather part really elevates them from typical rain boot. Not to mention that they’re completely fur-lined and uber warm!

A bright hat.
For the most part, we all make it through winter in black parkas and dark toques, not helping the dreariness of winter much. I too fall prey to this dull pattern of an all-black winter uniform, but I picked this bright pink and orange pom pom hat at a market this year and instantly loved it. I wasn’t sure how much wear I’d get out of it, but turns out I’ve worn it (along with some other bright head warmers) almost every day this winter! I’ve gotten so many compliments on it, and every time I catch a glimpse of my reflection outside, the pop of colour brings a smile to cold face.

A fur scarf.
I briefly spoke about my favourite fur collar scarf that was sadly taken from me while in NYC here. As soon as I came home though I re-bought it because I knew the value it had. I easily throw it over my not-so-stylish parka for an instant chic feel, over a cardigan, or any pea coat. Unlike other flimsy scarves that really don’t do much for keeping my neck warm, the full soft fur of this particular scarf is perfect even for the most intense of flurries.



Sugar-free hot chocolate.
I’ve been making this healthy hot cocoa all winter long. I think this recipe might just prove to be your savior while you wait the winter out.

Light a candle.
Whenever I’m at home for any substantial amount of time, I have a candle burning. Earlier in the winter I constantly had pine-smelling ones lit, but now that its way past the holidays, I long for fresher scents. My favourite is the Dyptique Choisya candle since it smells like actual fresh flowers, and has me almost forgetting the snow falling outside, and thinking its Springtime.

Make Winter Greens Soup.
To get in large amounts of veggies without having to eat handfuls of raw spinach, I whip up a big amount this yummy vegetable soup in my Vitamix weekly. Just add any protein you like for a full meal!


Baby its cold outside, but now’s the time to do all the things you’ve been meaning to all season!

Go Skating.
Hit up your local ice rink, whether it be indoor or out, and rent a pair of skates if you don’t have them.

Get a Seasons Pass.
Buy a pass to whichever cultural centre is closest to you, whether it’s a museum, an art gallery, spa, recreational facility, etc. It’s a great excuse to get out an do something when you don’t have to pay admission each time. My boyfriend and I purchased season passes to our nearby aquarium this year, mostly for the purpose of getting out of the house in winter to do something while still staying warm. We’ve since gone numerous times, even for under an hour when we just want an activity to do on a cold evening.

Go for a walk outside.
Before you assume I’m insane for suggesting something so unfathomably uncomfortable, hear me out. Yes, walking outside in double digits below freezing temps sucks. But in those cases you’re not usually bundled up fully. I’m talking full-on head-to-toe covered and insulated. Get on your long underwear, snow pants, multiple layers, down-filled parka, balaclava, warmest boots, and pretty much everything you have. You’ll look like a snowman, but once you get outside you’ll realize that it’s not so bad when you’re dressed properly. Now enjoy that snow one last time!

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