Travel in Style: an Architect Abroad

Introducing a brand new series, in which we ask influencers from around the world how they travel in style.

Travel is such a personal experience, and everyone’s trip preferences are so unique that no two people are the same. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty particular when it comes to travel. Having said that, I still believe that there are certain experiences that, when shared, would positively affect most of us reading this. Which is why an Architect Abroad came to fruition in the first place, so that by sharing my travel experiences with the world, the world can then experience them too.

an Architect Abroad seeks to share those rare travel moments, the experiences that differ from the rest of the guidebooks, that elevate a trip to its utmost potential. We see no reason why travelling should equal khaki pants and tevas, and firmly believe in respecting the new culture you’re immersed in instead.

In our travels, we’re looking for genuine places, not tourist menus in a hundred languages.

And above all else, we want to ensure we travel in style, whatever that may mean.

To elaborate, first up in the series is an Architect Abroad herself!

Name: Cassie Drake

Claim to Fame: an Architect Abroad 🙂
CassieDrakeFavourite destination of all time?

Kotor Bay, Montenegro.


Best travel memory?

My best travel memories are typically associated with a moment of spontaneity, being in the right place at the right time, and thus completely unplanned. For example, when my mother and aunt came to visit me in Malta, we needed to get across the harbour to a dinner reso. It turned out that we had just missed the last ferry, and there were no water taxis to be had. Then, just as we had given up on the reso, a private chartered powerboat pulled up and asked us where we were headed. When it was revealed that we were going to almost the same place, the boat’s owner told us to hop in and took us across, for free. 


What’s one thing you never travel without?

My iPhone and a restaurant recommendation (and my carry-on essentials!).

CarryOn Essentials to Pack

What’s your in-transit outfit?

A long black cotton dress, always. Breathable, comfortable, simple, yet stylish enough to go straight to dinner to.

Airport CarryOn

Do you have any packing strategies?

As a former over-packer, I used to basically pack for every possible scenario, that resulted in a heavy suitcase impossible to lug around (which became pretty embarrassing). I now loosely plan every outfit for every day. I try to incorporate pieces that work double duty, something that can be worn multiple times in different ways. If I have a pretty solid itinerary, I literally write down day-by-day what I’ll be wearing top to bottom, and then create a packing list from that. It may sound OCD, but it’s really helped cut down the size of my suitcase, and has taken the guesswork out of outfit planning every morning whilst away so as not to waste precious travel time.

Travel in Style Packing

In what way do you prefer to travel? Planning everything out, or letting it happen?

This is something that has really changed over the course of my travels. I’m inherently a planner, and nothing gives me more satisfaction than booking trips and creating itineraries. I used to plan every moment of a trip, down to what time I’d wake up, have every restaurant reservation made, and and every hour blocked off. The problem with this is, while I certainly got the most out of a short trip, if something didn’t go exactly as planned (which is inevitable), then the entire day would go of course and this would devastate me. So now I still do a fair bit of research ahead of time. But I’m not consulting travel guidebooks, as I find they just lead to the most touristy spots. Instead, I consult other bloggers I admire, search through Instagram, and pin places of interest on an online map. Then, once we arrive at our destination, I pull up the map, see what’s around us, and then we go about what we feel like. It’s made for a much less stressful and enjoyable way of travelling.

Poolside Style

And finally, what does travelling in style mean to you?

To travel in style is to travel with care, integrity, and consciousness.

If you want to know more, download my FREE Guide to Travelling in Style by clicking on the image below:

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