Tivat Porto Montenegro

I’ve said it before (here, here and here), and I’ll say it again: Montenegro is my favourite place I’ve ever been.

With rolling hills rising up straight from the sea, it’s hard not be awestruck by the amazing panoramas everywhere you look. There is something otherwordly about this place. Like you can’t quite believe its real, no matter for how long you stare. And the fact that it’s not quite yet on the majority of tourists’ radar is a bonus.


Bay of Kotor Montenegro

We made our way road tripping through the entire country. After a relaxing stay in our private infinity pool, climbing the Kotor castle walls, and rafting + ziplining through Europe’s tallest canyon, we headed to the super luxurious port city of Tivat.

Also known as Porto, this is a brand spankin’ new development, that feels like some uber exclusive port city in southern France. A day visit is the perfect way to walk around the compact “city”,  do some shopping in the luxury stores (unique to Montenegro), eat at pristine white-clothed cafes, and spend some time by the pool.

Can we talk about this pool? Scroll through, and you too, will want to add Tivat to your bucket list!

Porto Montenegro

Palms Porto

Lido Mar

Tivat Lido

Lido Mar Tivat

Montenegro Fruit

Porto Tivat Montenegro

Montenegro Porto

Moritz Eis Tivat

Moritz Eis

Tivat Porto

Porto of Montenegro

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