Things I’ll Miss

With my move abroad to Malta so close I’m pretty much walking around with constant butterflies and a perma-smile, I can’t help but think about the things I will miss about Toronto, the city I will always call home. Although I’ve done my fair share of travelling, with every previous trip I’ve known how long I’d be gone for, and my exact return date. This time, however, I have no idea, IF, and when, I’ll be returning to the city I was born and raised in. I know that even though I’ll be having the adventure of a lifetime, there will be certain things about home I’m sure to miss.

Things like Toronto’s different neighbourhoods, of which J and I would frequently explore. There’s always a new dish/event/place to try out for the first time. Glory Hole DonutsTrying Glory Hole’s Toast & Butter Donuts in Parkdale’s neighbourhood.

Unlimited event options. Whether it’s an impromptu Jays game, a weekend Design Show, a food event, or a free concert, there is never a shortage of options when I’m looking for something to do.
Design ShowAdmiring the most gorgeous 3D flower feature wall (and tulle skirt!) at the Interior Design Show this year.

David’s Tea. Oh, where do I even begin. My coworker and I would frequent our local DAVIDsTEA shop almost daily, sometimes twice! I’m conflicted by whether or not I should ship out ounce upon ounce of my fave, so they’ll all be waiting for me upon my arrival.
photo 3Glorious selection of this season’s teas.

My gym. The gym I’ve been working out at the past two years has become sort of like a good friend’s place that I’m really comfortable in. I’ll definitely miss the atmosphere and all the friends I’ve made there.
PULLUPSDoing pull-ups at my favourite gym.

Open Roof Movies. They began last summer, and were only a short walk along the waterfront away to an outdoor screening of some cool movie, complete with drinks and great food.
2013718-radarWatching Spring Break with the Toronto skyline as a backdrop. [image c/o Blog TO]

Up North. I will dearly miss the immediate sense of calm and relaxation that would always wash over me the minute I’d arrive at my cottage.
CottageLife up at the cottage is pure bliss.

Winners. This place is my life. Maybe it’s a good thing I won’t be able to visit this “Mecca”, since I shop here way too often.
WinnersSome of many excellent Winners finds, including a Kate Spade clutch, Tommy Hilfiger espadrilles, and Ray Bans sunnies.

The Grid Newspaper. My weekly bible for all things Toronto.
The Grid

And last but not least, my family and friends. Thank you for supporting me in this decision (for the most part), and see you all soon!


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