Tea for Dessert


It’s no secret that I have a huge sweet tooth. Routinely after eating every meal I crave something sweet. While reaching for the closest [insert sugar-laden dessert here] would satisfy my taste buds, it definitely isn’t ideal for my health. In fact, I don’t eat sugar very frequently, preferring to indulge only a couple times a week as a well-deserved treat. However, I have found the solution to my post-meal cravings. Drink Tea! But not just any tea. Loose-leaf tea has really come a long way from plain ol’ green leaves, even with natural flavourings. For this reason, I’m a regular at my local David’s Tea, and have multiple collections of loose-leaf varieties, both at my office and at home. I’m always a short brew away from satisfying my sweet tooth! Here are some of my all-time favourite dessert teas.


You can purchase them online here:

1. Gold Rush Organic White Tea {David’s Tea}

2. Heavenly Cream Black Tea {Sloane Tea}

3. Birthday Cake Rooibos Tea {David’s Tea}

4. Cookie Dough White Tea {David’s Tea}

5. Toasty Almond Herbal Tea {tealish}

6. Red Relvet Cake Black Tea {David’s Tea}




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