Stay in This Valentines Day

Valentines Day, the completely commercialised holiday that forces us to show our love, or else hibernate until the day comes and goes. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of it, but that may have something to do with the fact that I have someone wonderful to share it with for quite some time. If you, too, have had a significant other to profess your love to on Valentines Day past, then you will have probably realised how over-priced everything is, and how every single restaurant worth dining at is completely booked weeks in advance.

So, why not just stay at home?

I love the idea of forgoing a night out with countless other couples, and instead staying in with my boyfriend, cooking dinner together, sipping bubbly, and just enjoying each others company. Here are my tips for staying in on Valentines Day, and having an even better night than going out.

Love Stripes


1. Dress up.

Just because I’m staying in, doesn’t mean I should revert to my usual at-home attire (read: sweatpants + slippers).

Vday Shoes+Jewels

Get ready just as if you were going out to a fancy shmancy date night with your guy. Paint your nails. Put on some bright lipstick. Don some serious bling. Slip into a great pair of heels (then revel in the fact that you don’t have to walk anywhere in them). It would be fun to get ready separately, without seeing each other until the very end.


2. Put on some Music.

Crank up those tunes, even while getting ready. Find 10 different love-themed playlists to get you in the mood here.

Valentines Day Music


3. Light plenty of Candles.

The more, the better.


Put scented ones that both of you love in areas you won’t be eating, like the bathrooms, living room, and the bedroom. Then, fill up the rest of the spaces with unscented white pillar candles, tealight candles, whatever you have.


4. Pop some Bubbly.

Have some on hand chilling, and keep the top ups coming.

Rose Champagne


5. Set out some sweet treats.

Fill little bowls of themed candy, and set them out all over.


Then, pick a new recipe to cook together, or even an old favourite. Here’s a great menu to make together:

Make-It-Together Menu

I think shrimp pasta is the perfect main to share! Post dinner, play a game, just the two of you.

 couple game ideas

I especially like the idea of Romantic or Sexy Scrabble. See where the night takes you, but make one rule for certain: no tv. Enjoy your night in with just the two of you!

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