Schönbrunn Palace Vienna

After spending my birthday in Budapest with a good friend, we took a train to Vienna, a city I’ve been wanting to visit since I first enrolled into architecture school. There we wandered the classicist-clad streets, admiring the sheer beauty of such a historic city, and marvelling at the cleanliness of it all (seriously, you could eat off the streets there). One day, we decided to venture outside of the city centre to one of Vienna’s infamous landmarks, The Schönbrunn Palace .

The expansive grounds feature a magnificent Baroque palace-a former imperial summer residence, a network of manicured gardens, accessory building, an impressive ‘Gloriette’ structure sitting high on a hill immediate the palace, and even Roman ruins. Walking through the palace’s hundred of rooms, I honestly thought they rivalled that of Versailles’ interiors. In fact, I was surprised to find out that Marie Antoinette actually spent her summers growing up at Schönbrunn! I’ve had a fascination (read: obsession) with everything Maria Antoinette since childhood -when I would force my Mom to read biographies on her as bedtime stories -so I was particularly thrilled with this tidbit of information.

There is also the cutest little cafe, Landtmann’s Jausen Station Meiereiwhere we happily hid out from the rain with pancakes and hot tea.  With a great menu, I highly recommend it either for breakfast pre-Palace tour, or as a rest stop afterwards. The latter of which we chose to do, and as a result, didn’t have to rush to anywhere afterwards -except to catch our flight!

Here’s a tour around the Palace grounds:

Schönbrunn Palace

Big Pretzel

Schönbrunn Palace Gardens

Girls Schonbrunn Palace


Schönbrunn Palace Ballroom

Vienna Palace

Jausen Station

Schonbrunn Outdoor Patio

Jausen Station Vienna

Vienna Patio

Vienna Cafe

Vienna Tea

Viennese Pancakes

Colourful Patio

Schönbrunn Palace Grounds

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