Scala dei Turchi

This summer sure has been a busy one for us, with many visitors coming to Malta, lots of travels, and enough miles logged in road trips to last the rest of the year.
One such road trip recently was along the southwestern coast of Sicily with my girls and my guy.

I won’t lie, I planned the trip mostly around one specific location after seeing dreamy images of it on Pinterest awhile back.

After staying in an amazing agriturismo (more on that later), we headed to Scala dei Turchi, a hidden beach tucked between stark-white cliffs rising out of crystal-clear turquoise waters.  Literally translating to “Stair of the Turks”, as the rock outcropping is shaped in such a way that it literally forms stairs to walk upon. It was just how I had pictured it, but was spectacular to see in person. It was quite packed the afternoon we arrived, but I think the peppering of people only add to scenery of it, with their coloured beach attire, towels, and umbrellas popping against the white backdrop (à la Gray Malin’s photography). It also provided the perfect backdrop for a bit of a girls’ photoshoot!

Scala dei Turchi

Girls Scala dei Turchi

White Sicily Sand

Sicily Style

The Spanish Steps

Best Friends Roadtrip

Scale dei Turchi Style

Scale dei Turchi

On me: Dress: Anthropologie, Turkish Towel: Jennifer’s Hammam, bikini: Montce Swim


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