Pretty [small] Storage Solutions

Since I live in a relatively small space, with a less than desirable amount of storage space, I am constantly trying to come up with unique storage solutions.

Essentially, I try to think of methods of displaying items in an aesthetically pleasing way, instead of tucking them away in closets I don’t have. Here are some suggestions to beautifully display things you have lying around, or hiding on a shelf somewhere.

Necklace Display.


All my necklaces used to be clumped in a messy knot in a drawer. I then graduated to hanging them via paperclips on a clothes hanger, where they sat in my closet, never seeing the light of day. When I purchased this mini half-body mannequin, I knew I would be draping my necklaces over it. I love the idea of displaying your jewels, rather than hiding them, since they are such lovely additions to any décor.

Although I purchased my display bust at a home goods store, I’ve since been scouring antique markets for a true size  vintage one.

 Bathroom Storage.

Bathroom Storage

The two things I detest when getting ready in the morning are products strewn all over the bathroom counter, as well as having to pull out my cleanser/makeup remover/toothpaste/etc. from a closet every time I need to use it. I needed a solution that kept my daily-use products accessible, while not being an eyesore. I was looking around for tall pretty tins to put everything in, when I came across these candle votives. Open at the top, I can easily pull out anything I need at the ready, yet the white perforated ceramic camouflages its contents while keeping the counter clutter-free.

 Nail Polish Holder

Nail Polish Jar

I love the feminine shape and vintage allure of apothecary jars. If my place was large enough, I’d put everything I possibly could into various shaped apothecary jars and leave them out on display. Everything from candy to cotton balls, from pretty soaps to sugar cubes. Currently, I use my apothecary jars to hold and display my ever-growing nail polish collection.


Striped Bust: Homesense.

Gold Wishbone in Cloche: imm Living

White Perforated Candle Votives: Chapters Indigo

Antler Jewellery Holder: imm Living

Apothecary Jar: Homesense

Bowling Pin Container (in foreground of nail polish storage): imm Living

Trophy Cupcake Stand: imm Living


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