Postcard from Vienna

Vienna has been one of my top dream destinations ever since I became encapsulated with architectural design as a young woman. The rows upon rows of classicism buildings, with Renaissance symmetry, Baroque intricacies, and my personal favourite: all mixed in with contemporary interventions. I had heard that one could eat off the streets they were so clean. And the icing on the cake? Vienna is home to the original chocolate one.

So once we realised Vienna was only a short train ride away from where I was spending my Birthday in Budapest, I jumped at the opportunity. Of course, Vienna lived up to all my expectations and then some. It was almost too pristine. As if the entire city was a museum, and every street a display. It’s hard to believe people (almost 2 million of them!) actually live in such a beautiful place .

While I’ll most definitely be sharing more about our trip, here are a few snapshots as a postcard from Vienna.

Postcard from Vienna


Cereal Donut Vienna


Postcard from Vienna

Vienna Spanish School of Riding

Postcard from Vienna


Vienna Courtyard

Vienna Flower Shop


Sofitel Hotel Vienna

Postcard from Vienna


Postcard from Vienna

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