Postcard from Paris

Paris, the city of Love & Lights, is officially one of my favourite places on the planet. I love all the beautifully curated stores, the charming cafes, and the pastries are what dreams my are made of. Spending some time there leading up to Christmas was an ideal time to visit, given the lack of tourists, reasonable weather (minus some serious downpours one day), and festive air throughout the entire city. Here are my highlights of our recent visit.

Overlooking the City from Arc du Triomphe.
Arc Du Triomphe Paris


Indulging in countless sweets, like these pretty (and delicious!) cream puffs.
Petit Choux


Wandering under the Eiffel Tower, around this life-sized snow globe.
Eiffel Tower


Skating beneath the massive glass dome (and disco ball) of the Grand Palais.
Grand Palais Skating

Snacking on seasonal French cheese and baguette on a park bench.IMG_8957


Strolling along the Seine.
The Seine


Bundling up with thick scarves and hot tea.


Window shopping at the iconic Christian Louboutin.

Louboutin Paris


Planning our next sightseeing spots alongside French macarons.

Paris Map and Macarons

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