Pineapple Party

Disclaimer: my love for everything pineapple goes deep. So much so that when I see anything pineapple-related I lose all reason and just need to have it. This was recently exemplified by a shopping trip with J here in Malta this week.  We walked into a men’s clothing store and my eyes immediately drew to a pair of yellow swim trunks dotted with cartoon pineapples. I said to him “You HAVE to get that swimsuit!” To which he replied “Are you sure you like that…?” He was right. I wasn’t sure, because if the pattern had been anything else I would have mentally dismissed it as hideous. Despite my lack of clear thinking when it comes to pineapples, I’ve curated a list of my favourite things to do with the beautiful fruit.



Style: Chandelier Earrings // Sandals // B&W Shirt // Gold Bangle 

Pina Colada Juice: How to Cut a Pineapple [Video]

Home: Brass Sconce // Resin Pineapples // Printed Pillow // Wallpaper

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