Oh, The Places I’ll Go

Although I’ve done quite a fair bit of travelling, relatively speaking to others our age (hello, small-town boyfriend who had never been outside of North America), I still didn’t feel like I had really travelled. You know, like really really travelled. I wanted to be completely immersed into a foreign culture, for an extended period of time, while seeing all the sights, eating locally, and exploring everything I possibly could. Over the past year I was fortunate enough to actually travel. No all-inclusives (they don’t count anyway). No concrete plans. Just me, my boyfriend, and our two suitcases. Together, we saw and experienced some pretty amazing things. We lived abroad in two countries, and we travelled to seven. This year, although we’re a bit more settled in Malta, we’ll continue our travel adventures. We’ve been fantasising about more exotic places, perhaps off the beaten track. After doing some brainstorming, here is where we hope to travel to in 2015.

 Marrakech, Morocco



Not too far from our homebase in Malta, Morocco would be our first foray into Africa. Obviously, we’ve heard amazing things, from the incredible food to the array of colours and vibrant mosaics dotting the entire urban fabric. Personally, I’m looking forward to diving deep into the souks (markets) and be on the hunt for the perfect treasures.


Venice, Italy


Italy is probably my most-visited country. I first fell in love with it while visiting my friend whom moved to Siena when I was only 15. Since then, I have been a few more times, from Lake Maggiore in the north, to Tuscany, and Sicily in the very south. However, I have never been to Venice. I have a sinking feeling (no pun intended) that this magical looking city will be no more one day, or so I’ve been warned, given the rising water levels and unsteady building foundations. I know I would be so entranced with a city in which water is it’s main infrastructure. Not to mention the Italian architecture, and stunning sights.




I’ve been interested about this small Southeastern European country situated on the Adriatic ever since I worked on a large-scale resort development project there a few years ago. They say it’s the next Croatia, and from the countless images I’ve come across both through work, and browsing myself, I can see why. We have a friend currently buying an investment property there, and I think it’s a smart move. The tourism here is about to blow up, and it’s already starting to.


London, England


Being one of the world’s largest metropolises, as well as the main European travel hub, you’d think I’ve been to London multiple times. I’ve actually only really passed through it once, for a few days. London is where I had my first hostel experience, and let’s just say, it did not leave a favourable impression on me (both London and the hostel). It’s such a massive city and really deserves some quality time to be explored. I think on my return trip there I’ll be romanced by the row housing, the creativity, and the beer.



I’ve long since had a slight obsession with the city of Vienna, Austria. What originally began as an infatuation with it’s Baroque & Gothic architecture,  turned into admiration of its rich food scene, opulence, and history.



I feel as if I was meant to go to Cyprus my entire life. Well, ever since I met my best friend, who is Cypriot. Over the years I’ve grown fond of their culture, food, and traditions. I have a suspicious feeling that the island may be oddly similar to that of Malta, but will only know for sure by finding out for myself!

Kiev, Ukraine



After living in Ukraine last year, both J and I absolutely fell in love with the country. Amidst a time of turmoil, we were fortunate to live in peace on the Western edge bordering Poland. However, we never made it to the capital city of Kiev, preferring to stick to our immediate radius in uncertain times. For similar reasons, this image of the Kiev is so powerful. It accurately depicts the contrast between the ongoing conflict in the southeast and how the city of Kiev was once was in upheaval itself. The protests and violence (obviously depicted on the right) have since stopped, yet the country remains on the edge of its seat. Although we’re all uncertain of what the future holds for Ukraine as whole, I see no reason to let that impair my intentions of visiting again. The country and its people deserve it. This time, I look forward to going with my own family, and showing them the country that I love.

Here’s to all the travel possibilities in 2015! If you have any recommendations, or plans of your own, I’d love to hear them! Just leave a comment on where you’d like to go or where you think I should go, below.


Edit: Orginally,Tunisia topped this list. However, due to recent events, this destination has been removed. Here’s why I had wanted to visit: Tunisia is one of the closest countries to Malta, but would probably seem like a world away. We haven’t yet pinpointed exactly where we’d like to go in the country, but high on the to-visit list is the capital city Tunis, as well as Dougga- the ancient Roman city, and possibly Sidi Bou Said – a picturesque coastal city resembling that of Santorini Greece.

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  1. February 21, 2015 @ 11:43 pm sher

    nice, morocco is on my list of places to go too! i also totally recommend montenegro – i went last year and it was amazing, along with croatia! 🙂



    • March 6, 2015 @ 4:22 am Cassie Drake

      Hi Sher,
      Thanks for the recommendation! Really hoping to check it out this year, perhaps along with Croatia 🙂


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    […] had been on my bucket list for quite some time now (here and here). Reason being, my best friend Stella, back in Canada, is Cypriot, and I grew up across […]


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