NYC Part II: The Food Marathon

I’m not going to lie, our entire New York City trip (which I recapped here), was centered around food.

We had almost every meal planned out for the entirety of our four day trip, which was the first time for both my boyfriend, J, and I in NYC. Although we might be considered slightly obsessive when it comes to great food, the good news is we already did the work for you. We KNOW where the best food in NYC is.

And we know this all thanks to one man, Timothy Ferris. Tim Ferris is the author of the Four-Hour Chef, and in it, he completed a 24-hour food marathon. For it, he asked a bunch of NYC chefs what would be the last meal they would have in the big apple before they die. Then took the top 26.2 dishes (an allude to the miles in a marathon), and ate at all of them in 24 hours. In my opinion, these are the people you listen to when it comes to food. So we did.

photo 1 (7)

J and I took out a few stops (outrageously priced or impossible to reserve), and added some more based on our own research. Then, I put all the places on a map. For our trip, I printed out the map on 11”x17” paper, folded it twice, and voila! Our very own custom map of NYC. Some restaurants we made reservations ahead of time, others we just popped in while we were in the neighbourhood. Instead of cramming all the delicious meals into a one-day timeframe, we spanned them out over our entire 4-day trip, and it was amazing.

photo 2 (7)

On my map I also put other reference points unique to us, such as our hotel, our friends’ apartments, shopping, and architectural gems I wanted to check out. I stripped the map of all of those and just left the food, and am giving it to you! Next time you’re headed to New York City, print it out and have it on hand for when you’re in the mood for one of the best meals the city has to offer. Enjoy!

NYC-My-Map_EATS_ cassiedrake

You can grab the pdf file of it here:

NYC My Map_EATS | cassiedrake

Side Note: on our very first night of our trip, we had a reservation at what Tim Ferris called “the most underrated restaurant in NYC,” Hearth. We were exhausted, and weren’t even going to go. But we did, and it turned out to be the highlight of our entire trip. And not just for the food, although it was incredible. After having finished our meal, I looked up and in walked the man behind our whole trip planning process.

“J,” I said. “Timothy Ferris just walked in.”

After Marco Canora, the chef himself, took Tim’s order and chatted, we approached him. I was armed with my printed map, which we showed to Tim, much to his astonishment.

“People actually listen you?” Marco teased.

In the end, Tim asked to take our picture along with Marco, and we left Hearth with our bellies full, and our smiles even bigger.


Tim (on the left) talking to chef Marco Canora, of Hearth restaurant.

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