My New Office

This past week I’ve been quite busy with work, and so had to get my new office all set up. Having just moved from two countries in the past few months, I wasn’t able to take many of my favourite office supplies with me. The days of acrylic staplers and tape dispensers, embossed stationary and monogrammed pencils, gold paperclips and desk accessories are gone. Instead, I can only carry with me my most prized possessions. My Macbook, its leather case, my notebook, and reading glasses are all I have. The rest is everything I have to work with in our apartment. Fresh flowers help though!


Thankfully, the space itself is stunning, with its hand-crafted moulding and carved plaster accents lining every corner and crevice. Not to mention the room just so happens to be my favourite colour, a pale mint, with the ceilings being painted in the slightest hint of turquoise. I’ve also always dreamed of having wooden herringbone floors, which are luckily throughout the entire apartment. I foresee many days here happily working away in the window-filled bay. Sometimes, I don’t even want to leave.

My Office
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My Office |
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My Office


Macbook Case: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Notebook: Kate Spade, Pink Velvet Glasses: Eyebobs, Striped Shirt: Banana Republic, Skirt: Mendocino.

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