My Magenta

I don’t usually find myself reaching for the most colourful things in my closet. Instead, I typically stick to the unofficial uniform of an architect: black on black on black. Lately though, I’ve found myself so drawn to the rich colour of magenta. I just love the vibrancy of the colour. Its not as a much of an eyesore as neon pink, but of similar intensity, with some indigo to soften and deepen the colour. Wherever I see anything magenta, be it from a fabulous party skirt, to a nail polish, I am so drawn to it. I’ve since started quite the fuchsia collection. Here are some things currently in my closet, and other items I am hoping to pick up.

My Magenta

1. Gap Fushia Moto Jacket

This jacket is may not only be my favourite magenta piece I own, but also the best jacket too! Its stunning paired with an evening dress, and equally as amazing thrown over a striped tee and ripped jeans.

2. Eyebobs Velvet Underground Reading Glasses in Hot Pink  (also available at Anthropologie)

This instant I saw these reading frames online I knew I had to have them. The issue was I had no way of trying them on to see how they looked on my face before purchasing them. In the end, the lure of velvet magenta won me over, and I ordered them without even having seen a picture of them on someone else’s face (I tried, trust me). They arrived at my door shortly after and I am so in love!

3. Pink Calf Hair & Goat Leather Gloves

If you are still deterred by bright colours (nothing wrong with that!), then try a small removable addition of it such as these magenta gloves. Now on sale too!

4. Neon Pink Outdoor Extension Cord

This bright pink extension cord has been on my wish list forever now. The only cord you would want to leave out in all its tangled mess greatness!

5. Mac Lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous

Every girl needs a bright lipstick. My one friend’s mom always wears a brilliant pink lip and I think it can really pull a look together. A slick of magenta is a super cool shade that would go with practically anything!

6. Geode Iphone Case

Geodes are pretty much the prettiest rocks there are (other than diamonds of course). Make ‘em pink and its mean combination. What better way to use than everyday with your iphone?

7. ASOS Leather Pony Zip Clutch

This oversized clutch is so hip yet chic. I’d seriously wear with everything. I’d even try cramming my MacBook Air or iPad into it just to be able to use it all the time. And on sale!

8. Skot Magenta Party Skirt

So swoon-worthy, and ideal for any fun special occasion.



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