Moving to Malta

I am finally able to share that I am officially moving abroad to the Mediterranean. Specifically, to Malta!

The countdown has begun, and we depart (with a one-way plane ticket) on May 1st.

CountdownCountdown until we leave for Malta

As my close friends and family know, this is something I’ve been yearning to do for quite some time. However, the risk just seemed too great, and the notion was pushed to the back of my mind (but the thought always remained there). With a number of factors coming together, my boyfriend J and I finally decided to take the leap of faith, and narrowed in on the country of choice and approximate date. We then booked the flight. We quit our jobs. We’re moving out of the apartment we’ve happily been at for 2 years. We’ll be packing a suitcase of clothes + necessities and not much else, leaving almost everything behind.

TravelSome of the pretty places I’ve been

As the trip nears, and more people find out about our decision, I get asked many of the same questions over and over again.

‘Why are you going?’

This is something I’ve wanted to do since I got bit by the travel bug years ago. For J, who has never really stepped foot outside of North America (ok, the resort in Jamaica doesn’t count), I want him to experience new things. While we are young and able we want to live one big adventure, see what the world has to offer, and really immerse ourselves in other unfamiliar cultures.

JamaicaJ swimming in Jamaica

Why Malta?

Good question. I basically left the country of choice up to J, as I was game for almost anything, as long as the country’s first language was not English and the culture was significantly different. I needed him to be fully on board and just as excited. So when he found Malta, I asked him the exact same question. Here is a snippet of the ‘Top 13 Reasons To Move to Malta’ list that he actually wrote to introduce me to the idea:

– The weather is amazing…all the time.
– Small town feel in some places (which I [Jason] like) with the public transit system and buzz of a big city (which you like).
– Blue Lagoon and Paradise Bay. Enough said.
– Sicily is a Ferry ride away
– Everywhere is basically on the water.
– Good bodybuilding scene = good gyms. In fact, people say that the gyms are the closest thing to Westernized gyms that you can find in the Mediterranean. If we need help financially, the fitness models there are stuck in the 80s, so we could easily become sponsored fitness models.

So I was sold.

 Malta MapLocation of Malta

What are you going to do there?

With the idea of living abroad in the back of our minds awhile back, we’ve been working to create streams of income online. We have finally reached a point where, although financial security is still uncertain, we’re atleast comfortable in supporting ourselves abroad. The lower cost of living in Malta sure helps too.

Other than working via the internet for a few hours each day, we’ll be exploring the cities, countryside, and many other countries as well.

And of course, I’ll be blogging all about it along the way!

xo Cass


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