Mount Durmitor Montenegro

When asked what our favourite destination was of all our travels in 2015, we always answer the same way: Montenegro.
The country just blew us away with its stunning landscape and breathtaking panoramas. While we especially loved the waterfront fjord vistas of Lavender Bay and Kotor Bay, we also had a spectacular time making our way into the inland hills, rivers, forests, and canyons of Mount Durmitor.

We made the roadtrip to Tara River, known for its white water rafting and adrenaline-spiking activities. While we weren’t exactly jumping at the chance to bunjee jump Europe’s tallest canyon (and the second tallest in the world, after the Grand Canyon!), we did partake in just about every other adventure we possibly could. We white water rafted, and ziplined across Europe’s longest line. While I *may* have been slightly scared to go zooming across unfathomable heights, by the end of our stay, we were using the zip line as a means of transport and just getting across one side of the canyon to the other. So casual.

We took our few days amongst the lush mountains to just be, breathing in the scent of evergreens, eating every meal al fresco overlooking the canyon, and enjoying the coolness of the air in the midst of a sweltering August. These pictures don’t do this place justice:

Montenegro Landscape

Tara River Swim

Can you spot the zipliners?

Ziplining Montenegro

The Tara River

White Water Rafting

Summer Legs

Montengro Nature

Ukrainian Girl

2014-07-06 Tara Canyon (30)

Tara Bridge

Tara River Rafting
Mount Durmitor Montenegro

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