Monday’s Mood

Although I spent most of the previous week quite ill, by Friday I was beginning to recuperate, just in time for the weekend! It was a mixture of olympics watching (cheering…), being able to indulge in food once again, and catching up on things post-sickness. We also went to one of our favourite restaurants (a deli with a killer reuben), and then went to a nearby bar to see some great live music with a friend. Here are a few of my highlights:

Starting off the weekend with a relaxing bubble bath and a good read.

photo 1

Celebrating my Dad’s birthday with lobster, champagne, and carrot cake.

photo 3

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Is there anything honestly better than fresh flowers and french macarons?IMG_2881

Sadly watching the Olympic Closing Ceremonies, with champagne cocktails in Olympic Rings-themed flutes.

Olympic Closing Ceremony Cocktail

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