Monday’s Mood

It was such a gorgeous weekend weather-wise, still crisp outside but oh so sunny. To celebrate J’s last day of work, we had a delicious steak dinner, followed by a fun night at the ball game. The rest of the weekend was spent outside the city, which was a much welcome change of scenery, especially since we were right by the water!  I have a busy week ahead, between work and seeing friends before I go to Malta, which I only assume will the case for the next few weeks. However, I’m looking forward to it all! Have an excellent week.

Gummy bears at the Blue Jays Home Opener game.
Gummy Bear game

Swooning over these Danier leather pale blue gray totes, that would be perfect for Spring. Should I??
Purse Love

Morning strolls along the serene waterfront.
Morning Walks

I always sip my Greens drink with a happy straw.
Greens Drink

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