Monday’s Mood

This will be the first of a weekly installment in which I recap the highlights of my weekend, and start the week off on a high note.

Today is bittersweet. I am back at the office after taking a significant amount of time off over the holidays. While its somewhat sad to think of my favourite time of year being over with, I am glad to be back to a rigid schedule. Tonight is Ukrainian Christmas Eve and we will be celebrating with a traditional feast!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! A few of my favourite things from the weekend:

Eggnog in the making

Making homemade eggnog for the last celebrations of the holiday season.



Friday night’s dinner: some of the best sushi in town at Japango. I plan to become part of the ‘Chopsticks Club’ in which regulars are distinguished by the chefs, granting them a pair of chopsticks for the guest’s sole use.


photo 4

Currently in holiday withdrawal: Taking down and packing away the Christmas decor.

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