Monday’s Mood: No Place Like Home

With the insaneness that was Malta’s Isle of MTV this past Wednesday, I caught the flu and have been sick since. Although I’m now slowly recovering, we still managed to get in some killer swimming and sights this past weekend. Getting better can’t come any sooner, since on Saturday we booked an impromptu trip to Sicily for this coming Thursday! Here are a few things I enjoyed this past weekend:

FINALLY baked my first batch of chocolate chip cookies with a twist: poprocks sprinkled on top.Cookies

Another “finally”: Made it to the Blue Lagoon, which has the clearest, most over saturated waters.Comino

A new favourite: Banana Swirl Soft Twist (taste like banana medicine, mmmm).photo 5

Wandering around deserted Fair ground in the middle of the day.
The Fair

Beach entertainment essentials: A good book, pocket-sized cards, and chocolate eclairs.


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