Monday’s Mood

With my DSLR camera still M.I.A, I’m hesitant to share snaps with a lesser quality than I’d like, and so the usual Monday’s Mood posts were on temporary hiatus. However, I felt it was time for a virtual update, and so I’m sharing our weekend via iPhone-only. I had one of the best weekends in awhile. Recently, my weekends have left me feeling bitter, as I hadn’t quite mastered the art of balance over the two-day span. Either I’d work too much, and then when Monday hit and I was back to the office, I was really stressed from not enjoying some much need relaxation to recharge. Or, I’d relax the entire weekend away, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but since I had so much work to do (again, not a bad thing!), I’d feel guilty for not finishing more of it over the weekend, and was left once again to be working 12+ hour weekdays. This past weekend, however, was the perfect balance of the two: work and play. Although I’ll spare you the work details, here’s how the ‘play’ aspect panned out over the past couple of days:


Passing by the real-life Popeye’s Village, where the actual movie was set and filmed.

Popeye's Village Malta


The Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Malta


Hiking with my Love around the entire island of Comino.

Comino Hiking


Enjoying what were the best cupcakes I. have. ever. had.

Debbie's Cafe Malta


Weekend wear.




A perfect afternoon spent on a friend’s rooftop with the most incredible view, and this epic spread.

Entertaining Platter

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