Monday’s Mood

Happy Monday! After taking a bit of a posting hiatus while away in Sicily last week, we’ve started to settle back into our usual schedule. However, J and I are in a bit of a scary situation right now in terms of our living abroad situation, so we’re currently in the process of trying to figure that out. Wish us luck! We took the weekend to switch our brains off from worrisome thoughts, and instead focus on the present moment. We had friends over for dinner, checked out the local festa/fireworks/fair, clocked in some serious beach time, ate what must be the BEST middle eastern food on the island, and wrapped up a season of House of Cards. Here are a few of my favourite things from the weekend:

Pre-dinner snack set-up:Cheese Platter

Daily neighbourhood walks always reveal something new and pretty.
Malta Sliema

I “Won” a bottle of champagne at this ring toss game (ok ok, it was a pity prize).
Manoel Island Fair

Sandwiches always seem to taste way better at the beach, am I right?
photo 5 copy


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