Monday’s Mood

Happy Monday! We had a glorious weekend that admittedly was mostly spent relaxing. We took Friday to check out a beach on the other side of the island, and ended our day consuming copious amounts of wine and cheese on a friend’s rooftop terrace overlooking Valletta’s harbour. Saturday we went for a leisurely brunch, lazed around our bay catching up on some reading (and snoozes!), and taking part in one of the local festas. Finally, Sunday we simply got things done, in the gym, at work, and in preparation for our trip. This time tomorrow we will be just arriving in Barcelona! We are taking the week off to enjoy some spectacular Catalan sights, gastronomy, and strolls. In the meantime, here a few of my favourite things from the past few days:

Old + New in VallettaValletta

Taking full advantage of fresh seasonal products and produce every day.
Daily Snack

Bright beach umbrellas piercing clear blue skies.
Golden Bay Malta

Sipping on strawberry Daiquiris overlooking Valletta.
Strawberry Sunset

The most wonderful of wedding settings.
Wedding Bells

Gelato at Balluta Bay’s festa.


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