Monday’s Mood

Happy Monday! I had such a wonderful weekend exploring new places around this little gem of a country. We finally fit in a trip to Birgu (or Vittoriosa, as its also known by), and it was magical. I also got a chance to check out Malta’s Design Week, featuring a plethora of local designers, artists, architects, interior & product designers, etc. Lastly, we made it to Marsaxlokk, a traditional fishing village, for a lengthly albeit delicious seafood lunch. Here are a few of my favourite things from the past few days:

Sipping prosecco in the shadow of Fort St. Angelo, overlooking Vittoriosa’s impressive harbour.
Marina |

The Upper Barrakka Gardens neatly represented in print at Malta’s Design Week.
Design Week  |

Enjoying scallops on the shell.
Scallop |

The nautical-themed Espadrilles that I picked up a couple weeks back seem very appropriate in this context.
Espadrilles  |

Loving the seemingly infinite honey-coloured walls.
Limestone  |

Marsaxlokk resembles an over saturated postcard everywhere you go.
Colour  |


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