Monday’s Mood

Happy Monday and Victoria Day to all my friends and family back home enjoying the long weekend! We also allowed ourselves a long weekend “off” and instead of today, took Friday as a day for travel and exploration. Thursday evening was spent in my favourite place, Valletta. Friday we travelled to the island of Gozo, which is technically still part of Malta, but the residents there consider themselves Gozitans first and Maltese second. The rest of the weekend we caught up on sleep, swimming, and made use of the spa. Here were some of my favourite highlights:

Overlooking the capital city of Gozo, Victoria, from the Citadella.
Citadella de Victoria |

Best start to a meal with a Maltese classic (and a personal favourite): Cured Meat Platter
Maltese Platter  |

One of the most breathtaking natural landscapes I have ever seen: The Azure Window
Dwerja |

A classic Maltese snack, Honey rings, which is filled with a dry fig paste.
Honey Rings |

Impromptu mini photo shoot at “The Inland Sea” where we couldn’t resist all the bright colours.
The Inland Sea  |

I love the colours and contrast of my neighbour’s pretty windowsill planter.
Planter |

Finishing off a great trip with Cassatelle: A Sicilian dessert made with cake and ricotta and covered with marzipan.


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