Monday’s Mood

Happy Monday! It was our last weekend in the city and we were sure to make it a good one. Between our going away party with all our friends, moving out of the apartment, and packing our one suitcase each, we are officially ready for the big move. I can hardly believe my next Monday’s Mood post will be of sunny skies and glistening blue waters. In the meantime, here were some of the highlights of the weekend:

Packing with my best friend, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without her.

Capp at my local fave.
photo 5

Kate Spade’s wise words of wisdom at their flagship store.
photo 2

Post-party yummy brunch.
photo 3

Picking up fresh flowers and trying to choose from this colourful selection.
photo 1

Enjoying some caramel popcorn chocolate c/o our best friends (we were supposed to save them for the plane ride, oops).
photo 4

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