Love List

Love List

Although I find the fact that the stores are already equipped for Valentine’s Day a bit premature, I can’t seem to resist all the blush coloured accessories and little gold heart accents. While browsing through Chapters the other day, I came across numerous v-day themed items in pretty pastels, metallic accents, and adorable additions such as quotes printed onto wallets.  Even though they may be meant for the February holiday, these things are so cute that I know I will be using them all year round.

 1. Gold Heart Pillow

The tiny hearts dotting the one side will pretty much guarantee the other will never see the light of day.

2. Blush Wallet with Gold Heart

Perfect colour, only made more perfect with the addition of the little gold accent.

3. Pouchette 

The tagline written on it reads “as good as gold”. So I think this is as good as it gets!

4. LOVE print by SSPrintShop

This print, along with a few similar ones is Stephanie Sterjovki’s collection would make for an ideal grouping. Or mixed randomly into gallery wall and even leaning on a shelf.

5. Milk Bottles

These old school jars filled with milk and a candy striped straw would be the perfect accompaniement to a v-day themed dessert table.

6.     Flat Gold Heart Earrings.

I love the flattened look of these simple dainty studs. Plus, the packaging is adorable.

7.     Faux-Leather Clutch

The pale gray obviously goes with the whole theme, but I secretly love the navy blue one here. A zoom in on the zipper tab shows a gold circle with the words ‘hello gorgeous’ engraved onto it. How subtle yet perfect!

8.     BONUS: Even though this clutch/pouch may not be part of the new Valentine’s Day themed line, I think it would be the perfect accessory for the evening. Grab it now while its on sale!


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