Introducing Influentielle

Influentielle Mastermind

There’s been something I have been working on for a VERY long time that I am incredibly proud has finally been released to the world on May 1st, 2019.⁣

That date is a day I’ve had marked on my calendar since the beginning of this year, when I circled it in a big fat (pink) pen. Why?⁣

It’s the official launch date of my Influentielle Mastermind Program! ⁣

This date signifies the fruition of a vision I’ve had for an even much longer time – YEARS, in fact. That vision was to bring driven women together, to share their stories, celebrate each other’s successes, encourage one another’s dreams, break through everyone’s barriers, and above all else: SUPPORT each other. I wanted to create something where the members contributed to the collective just as much as they got out of participating in it. Where women are encouraged to shoot for the stars and are helped through any obstacle they may perceive to have in their way of attaining their goals. Where their stories and struggles are valid. Where they can be vulnerable, giving voice to their deepest desires and fears without judgement. Transparency. Realness. Connection.⁣

I bought the domain 2 years ago this very month. I designed the logo and branding 2 months later. I knew exactly who it would be for and how it would help. But I was scared. Of what?⁣

I dunno, putting myself out there in that way? ⁣
Of not being qualified enough to do it?⁣
Of not being ready?⁣
Of not knowing HOW?⁣
Of failing. ⁣

The irony is, if I had access to this exact Influentielle Mastermind Program back then, I would have launched looooong ago. And I would have been able to have helped SO many more women in executing their own vision because of that.⁣

But, I learnt a hell of a lot in those past couple years. I’ve developed a serious skill set that I have at my disposal to truly impact my Mastermind ladies’ brands and businesses. ⁣

And I am SO excited to do so! Today may be the first iteration, but I assure you it won’t be the last. Hosting the Influentielle meet-up here in Bali recently proved that this is needed GLOBALLY. And well, me being a wandering woman of the world, that happens to suit me just fine :)⁣

So what, exactly, is Influentielle?

Influentielle is a Toronto-based business Mastermind group of business-driven women that helps you go from your idea to the sustainable business you’ve always dreamed of. 

We meet on a regular basis to share our stories + struggles, support one another and grow together through the help of business coaches.

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