Home Sweet Home

Currently, we are flying up over the sea from Turkey to Malta. Before I left, I documented my favourite things about our place back home. Like many places we’ll see in Malta, the condo came furnished, and since I wouldn’t necessarily say the furnishings were to my taste, I had to work around them to create my own space. Although I’m looking forward to travelling for some time, and living out of one suitcase, I still can’t wait to finally settle into our true home, unpack, and decorate it fully to my liking. Here were some of my favourite things in our place:

Blue Accent WallThis aqua accent wall is actually removable wallpaper. All the artwork in the apartment I painted. The wooden numbers 0 & 4 are actually our buzzer code, and are antique address signs from a barn by our cottage.

IMG_4075I have no idea how I will prettily display my jewellery while living abroad without my favourite striped bust.


Mirror + LadderMuch to my mother’s dismay (whom’s house has been turned into my storage unit), I began collecting unique shaped mirrors. They are a serious obsession of mine. I can’t wait to be able to create a full gallery wall with them all.

Front EntraceFor me, my front entrance was always a welcome sight based on the items I kept there. Another antique mirror in a stunning gold-rimmed silhouette, propped up by a contrasting modern bookend. Storage boxes in my favourite hue, with another pop of colour from my magenta reading glasses.


A photograph taken and gifted to me by a friend, as well as my signature perfume to dab on while running out the door, and my favourite candle.

LampA charcoal sketch I did in high school, paired with my favourite lamp (which also has a gorgeous marble base).

IMG_4088Three of my favourite photographs I’ve taken while travelling, in similar ocean-y hues hung in the bathroom.


Our cluttered little desk, complete with my favourite Eames chair, some more artwork I’ve done, and the prettiest floral storage box I ever did see.

This was once home sweet home, but I know wherever I may end up I’ll be able to make that particular place feel like my own little sanctuary.


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