Hiking Kotor Montenegro

Words cannot describe how much we loved Montenegro. After road tripping through most of the country this past summer, we decided that it would be the one place we should go back to every year. In particular, the Bay of Kotor is especially magical, as it features one of the Mediterranean’s largest fjords. Although many picturesque towns are situated along the winding bay, it’s namesake comes from the largest one, Kotor. The walled city is one of the best preserved medieval old towns in the Adriatic, as well as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One of our most memorable experiences was hiking Kotor’s city walls, which soar to over 1200 meters, and feature 1350 stairs. During the midday heat, it was no easy feat, but we finally made it  and were awarded by the most spectacular sunset views.

Starting from the bottom…

Kotor Montenegro

Slowly making our way above the rooftops.

Kotor Montenegro

Taking a scenic break halfway there.Kotor Castle

We finally made it!Hiking Montenegro

Celebrating our feat with balloons.
Kotor Castle Walls

And being carried away with them…Balloons Carrying Away

It’s an old superstition that releasing balloons will bring you a year of good luck.

Bay of Kotor Montenegro

The view is so surreal (and so worth it).

Bay of Kotor

My very favourite photo of all time. We had to take a break on our way down (yes, it was that exhausting), when a little French boy stopped to ask if it was much longer. Jason, being rusty with his French skills, replied that it was still “half an hour” ( un demi )when instead he meant “half way” ( à mi-chemin ). The poor boy’s eyes widened in terror, while his mother assured him it was only 5 more minutes. Oops.

Hiking Walls of Kotor

Hiking Kotor Montenegro

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