Glamping in Lake Bled

Going into my very first glamping experience, I was half excited and half skeptical.

The moment we checked in though, the latter feeling was completely squandered, and I was so looking forward to spending the next few days “camping” under the stars in Slovenia, surrounded by evergreens, and the smell of wood burning fires.

That evening we took a dip in the most serene waters I have ever swam in, and then fell asleep to the sound of the rain. We woke up to a breakfast basket at our doorstep, filled with Slovenian delicacies, including a thermos of hot coffee.

Basically, I was in heaven.

Glamping Lake Bled


Glamping Slovenia

Glamping Hut

Camping Coffee


The rest of the day was clouded over with intermittent showers, and I was worried that I wouldn’t get to do what I came here to! I was most looking forward to boating across Lake Bled, the most visited place in all of Slovenia. Luckily, the next morning, the skies completely cleared and we rented a boat to make our way to the famed island in the centre of the lake. If you make it here, I highly recommend hiring a boat to row yourself, as you are free to explore on your own a bit, are alone in the boat as opposed to being packed with 20+ strangers, and it’s much more economical.


Bled Castle

Lake Bled Boats

Boating in Lake Bled


Somehow, I got reeled in to doing the rowing.


Marysia Swim

Bled Boating copy


Arriving on the island felt like an accomplishment itself. Ascending up the steep stone steps lead up to the Pilgrimage Church, who’s spire punctures the undulating hilled horizon from any viewpoint along the shore. I loved the different perspective of the lake offered from the high vantage point of the island, of which you can get even higher by climbing the aforementioned church spire, and get a spectacular 360 degree view.

Bled Island

Boater Hat

Bled Island Church

Lake Bled Bedroom

Lake Bled Island

Lake Bled Island Stairs


On the way back I got to relax, and after completing the one thing I wanted to do, I was one happy girl!


Boating Bled

Lake Bled Bliss



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  1. February 26, 2018 @ 8:00 am Leo

    Slovenia is beautiful! I’ve been living there and will definitely come back.


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