My latest app obsession -and one that will be here to stay- is called Giftagram. Here’s how you can send your first gift for free:

Use my coupon code:


to get $20 off your first gift!


It’s a free, easy-to-use app (download it here) that allows you to send a gift from a curated selection to someone with a simple click. Although I think the app was originally intended to be used locally (i.e. send a gift from Toronto to Toronto), I’ve discovered that it’s an absolute lifesaver being an expat. Living abroad means a ton of events missed – from birthdays, to showers, weddings, anniversaries, milestones, and everything in between is skipped simply based on the thousands of miles apart. What makes it even harder is to properly acknowledge these milestones other than just a short email sent usually saying something along the lines of “Happy Birthday / Congrats + Wish I could have been there!”

With Giftagram, I’m able to send any of my friends or family back home in Canada a gift of my choice.

And boy, is there choice. Whoever selected the gifts has style. There are gourmet gifts for foodies, options for babies & kids, local goodies, and clever ideas that make finding the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for-person a breeze. The prices also range significantly, from a $10 batch of cookies to the $215 Frends headphones I’ve had my heart set on for awhile now, and many more.

Here are my top picks I’ll be sending out this year:


For Birthdays:

 Toronto Popcorn Co Popcorn Box of 6 ($FREE with code) / D & B Cupcakes ($FREE with code) / Archimallows Marshmallow Pack (FREE with code!)

Use Coupon Code: CD23333

For her:

Giftagram For Her

Brilliant Idea Notepade (FREE with code) // Le Dolci Macaron Making Class ($75 with code) // Moet ($74 with code)

For Him:

Giftagram For Him

Sock of the Month Club ($130 with code) // BBQ Branding Iron ($12 with code)


For Home:

Giftagram For Home

Land by Land Travel Candle ($5 with code) // HBC Towel ($25 with code) // First Aid Storage Box ($15 with code) // Areaware Gold Piggy Bank ($240 with code)


Download the app HERE, and get gifting!

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