Curb Your Cravings

Since I have quite the sweet tooth, I am constantly craving dessert. When a craving hits (i.e. after every meal), instead of reaching for exactly what I’m wanting, I grab a tea with a similar flavour profile. Sometimes I’m craving something tart and fruity, and would love a back of sour gummies. Or typically I find myself desperately wanting a baked good after a savory dinner. Whatever the dessert craving may be, I’ve found the best way to satisfy it without actually indulging in the dessert itself, is to drink some particular teas. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite go-to teas for when certain cravings hit. Hope it helps you to healthily curb your cravings!

Curb Your Cravings

Sour Cherry Candy : David’s Tea Cherry Blossom Green & White Blend Tea

Buttered Popcorn: David’s Tea Movie Night Green Tea

Cupcake: David’s Tea Red Velvet Cake Black Tea

Syrupy Pancakes: David’s Tea Oh Canada Rooibos Tea

Strawberry Shortcake: David’s Tea Strawberry Rhubard Parfait Herbal Tea



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