Cream Cheese Pancakes

The small town where my boyfriend J grew up had three restaurants, one gas station, and no traffic lights.

Despite its size, throngs of people from the city would flock there very weekend just to visit one of the restaurants in town. The pancakes there were famous, and although the big city offered plenty of options in terms of brunch fare, they made the two hour drive weekend after weekend to order a giant stack. A little while ago, a friend of J’s worked at that particular restaurant as their chef. The restaurant has since closed, but he confessed that the pancakes were your standard recipe, with the addition of one “secret” ingredient: cream cheese.

Recently, I had been craving pancakes for a weeks it seemed. Unfortunately we came to the realisation that this side of the world’s definition of pancakes aren’t the fluffy crispy-edged ones that I was used to back home. Instead, what Malta deems as “pancakes” are actually paper-thin crepes without maple syrup. So I had to resort to whipping up my own, and drench them in the real deal that is Canadian Maple Syrup.

Since National Pancake Day is coming this March 3rd, I thought it would be the perfect time to share the “secret ingredient” cream cheese pancakes recipe.

Dry Ingredients

Making Pancake Batter

Maple Syrup Pancakes

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