Chocolate Flower Bark

Last year, I created this Easter Candy Bark, which was a hit. While it’s still a fun & easy recipe for both kids and adults alike, it was time for an upgrade. I’ve been wanting to incorporate edible flower petals into various creations for some time now, and what better time of introducing them into my recipe repertoire than for Spring? This absolutely gorgeous white chocolate lemon bark would be a perfect hostess gift this Easter. I wrapped mine up in pretty little homemade boxes (see below for template) and handed them out to friends and colleagues. Follow along for the prettiest and easiest recipe you’ll ever make:


-24 oz good-quality white chocolate

-zest of one lemon

-gel food colouring (I used blue, red, & pink)

-edible flowers (like pansies, carnations, roses, etc.)

-edible gold leaf

-colourful sprinkles

Easter Chocoalate Bark Ingredients

1. Melt White Chocolate in either a double boiler or microwave. Separate into number of different bowls based on number of desired colours. Add gel colouring to each bowl, and stir:

Melted White Chocolate


2. Prepare toppings: wash & dry flower petals, cut out desired shapes of edible gold foil:Edible  flowers


3. Pour melted chocolate onto a wax-paper lined sheet, using desired pattern, and even thickness. I then scraped a knife through the mixture to create this patten:Chocolate Bark


4. Sprinkle all toppings onto still-melted chocolate, except gold foil. Place in freezer to harden for 30 mins. Once set, place edible gold leaf.Chocolate Flower Bark


5. Using your hands, break off chunks to create chocolate bark!Easter Flower Bark


6. Package the bark up in pretty like boxes!White Chocolate Bark

edible flower chocolate bark

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