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The Top of the Rock NYC

Although I had been up to the Top of the Rock in NYC before, it never disappoints. The 360 degree view over Manhatten is unbeatable, especially with the Chrysler building front and centre. This time around, I pre-purchased tickets for the opening time slot in an effort to beat the crowds, and we had a…

Club Monaco color White Bartola Sweater | Chunky Cableknit Vest in West Village

Chunky Cable Knit Vest in West Village

I have a love/hate relationship with chunky cable knit sweaters. As Fall is in full swing (and Winter if you’re in Canada!), women are walking around looking incredibly chic in cozy knit sweaters. While a good chunky knit always catches my eye folded on a store display’s shelf, I am constantly disappointed every time I try…

When We Were Young NYC

Wool Trench in NYC & Spontaneous Plans

One evening walking back to our hotel in NYC, we came across the most magnificent balloon backdrop decorating the entire facade of a cafe. I stopped to ask the woman setting it up if this was a grand opening of some sort given the elaborate display of balloons. She said it was for a fashion…


Postcard from NYC

NYC is truly The City That Never Sleeps. After a whirlwind long weekend in The Big Apple, arriving back to our downtown-Toronto neighbourhood felt like a quiet sleepy town in comparison. But that is part of what makes it so wonderful, isn’t it? The constant commotion, the energy, the sheer chaos. It’s definitely a place that warrants…


NYC Part III: Lessons Learnt

While in NYC (for the first time, which I recapped here and here), I of course had to do a little shopping. I ended up only being able to squeeze a tiny amount in,  while passing through Soho one morning on our way to breakfast. I stopped in a little boutique, and ended up purchasing…


NYC Part II: The Food Marathon

I’m not going to lie, our entire New York City trip (which I recapped here), was centered around food. We had almost every meal planned out for the entirety of our four day trip, which was the first time for both my boyfriend, J, and I in NYC. Although we might be considered slightly obsessive…


New York New York: Part I (The Recap)

This is the first installment of a three-part series all dedicated to my first trip to the big city. Although it was a few months ago, I don’t think it’s too late to share, and especially think Part II and Part III are still quite relevant. Part II is all about the NYC food marathon…

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