Lviv City Guide: What to See & Do

After living in Lviv like a local for a few months, I got to know the city inside and out. Lviv is such a wonderful city, filled with stunning architecture (it once was part of Austria, as well as Poland), incredible traditions, deliciously comforting food, and all for very low costs. If you ever find yourself…


Carpathian Mountains Road Trip

While we were in Ukraine, we took a little road trip through the Carpathian Mountains. Although the roads themselves were less than ideal (and provided for quite a challenging road trip), the trip ended up being a highlight of all our travels thus far. It was surreal to see farmers travelling by horse carriages, elderly Babushkas towing…


My New Office

This past week I’ve been quite busy with work, and so had to get my new office all set up. Having just moved from two countries in the past few months, I wasn’t able to take many of my favourite office supplies with me. The days of acrylic staplers and tape dispensers, embossed stationary and…

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