Ljubljana Cafe Hopping

While the countryside of Slovenia makes you feel as if you are as far removed from civilization as possible (in a good way), it’s capital city transports you right back into the most modern of urban life. The beautiful city is filled with the impeccably-dressed cool crowd, hovering at trendy restaurant patios and outdoor cafes. With…


Bell Sleeves in the Slovenian Alps

< Many people speak of belonging next to the sea. While I certainly can attest to that, I feel myself equally as drawn to the mountains. Something about being immersed among nature’s biggest beasts, mountains are simply majestic (you can read about the first time I saw them here). When we discovered Slovenia was known not…


Glamping in Lake Bled

Going into my very first glamping experience, I was half excited and half skeptical. The moment we checked in though, the latter feeling was completely squandered, and I was so looking forward to spending the next few days “camping” under the stars in Slovenia, surrounded by evergreens, and the smell of wood burning fires. That…

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