Guide to Marrakech

The second you step foot within the walls of Marrakech’s medina, you get the feeling that you are very lost. Not necessarily the I-can’t-find-my-way lost, but an exhilarating lost, like you are about to discover something totally new and exciting at any given turn. Its part due to the maze-like urban fabric, to the utter chaos of motorbikes…


Moroccan Sequins

When packing for an upcoming trip, I always keep the nature of the place in mind with each piece I choose. Whether consciously or not, my travel style is heavily influenced by its destination. Like wearing Spanish-dancing inspired ruffles and bright red fedoras in Madrid, or blending in with the architecture of Siena. I always try…


Romantic Moroccan Maxi

Morocco is unlike any other place I’ve ever been. The walled medina of Marrakech is a maze of contrasts: narrow chaotic streets filled with tantalizing scents and dizzying sounds, with hidden doors revealing a calm and peaceful oasis within. And the most outstanding oasis of the all lies behind the walls of La Mamounia Hotel….


Postcard from Morocco

At times Morocco left me speechless. I just  couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. Whilst winding the maze that is the Old Medina, Marrakech truly seems like a land far far away. While scooters whizz by at unbelievable speeds as shop owners try to lure you into buying their goods, tantalising smells waft from the makeshift food vendors wedged between stalls…

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