Guide to Valletta, Malta

The best way to spend a full day in Malta is exploring the country’s capital of Valletta. A fortified peninsula ceremoniously entered by way of drawbridge or boat, Valletta spans only 1 km long on its longest end (seriously!) and is easily walkable – save for the hilly terrain. The hills are what lend to some pretty…


Moving On From Malta

The time has come to move on. Literally. We’ve decided that we’re ready to move from Malta, and this little rock we’ve called home for the past three years. The decision did not come easily, but a number of factors aligned together that lead us to come to this conclusion. Of course, it will be bittersweet. We’ll be leaving…


10 Malta Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Malta is small but mighty. With less than half a million residents in a tiny piece of land, it’s hard to believe a country of this size could be something notable. But what the Maltese islands may lack in population and sheer size, they more than make up for in awe-inspiring landscapes, architectural beauty, seaside wonders,…


Postcard from Palazzo Parisio

Although I’m so very fond of Malta, I find it hard to discover places on the island (other than the stunning natural landscape) that I truly feel in awe of. But stepping foot into Palazzo Parisio, situated in the town of Naxxar, does just that. Now that I’ve been a few times I feel so at…


Postcard from Mdina

Mdina, also known as the Silent City, was once the ancient capital of Malta. With very few residents, you can walk the medieval walled city in virtual silence, especially when wandering through the deserted narrow side streets. Rabat, Mdina’s suburb city, is almost equally as enchanting. Visit it as well to see some incredible sights,…


Living in Malta: Our Neighbourhood

When we first moved to Malta, we didn’t even know what city we’d live in. Ok, its actually far less dramatic than it sounds, since many of the cities are so close together, you’d be better off thinking of them as neighbourhoods. Which is exactly what we did, and all of a sudden Malta (as…

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