Winter in Paris

Paris is always a good idea. But Paris particularly at Christmastime is an absolutely magical winter wonderland. I can’t think of a better place to get in the holiday spirit, which made Paris the perfect stopover on our way home for the holidays. Whilst the City of Love may be ideal leading up to Christmas,…


Most Instagram-Worthy Places in Paris

Being our first time in Paris, we saw and did just about everything the typical visitor would. However, some things were more rewarding than others, things I would do again in a heart beat upon my second time around. I’m especially a sucker when it comes to photogenic places, and a beautiful place that would work…


Palace of Versailles

Our recent trip to Paris was not going to be complete without a side trip to Versailles. Growing up, instead of being read the usual children’s bedtime storybooks, I forced my parent’s to read me biographies and diaries of royalty from an era long ago. The tales filled the mind of a strange little girl with…


Postcard from Paris

Paris, the city of Love & Lights, is officially one of my favourite places on the planet. I love all the beautifully curated stores, the charming cafes, and the pastries are what dreams my are made of. Spending some time there leading up to Christmas was an ideal time to visit, given the lack of tourists,…

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