Silk Slip in Shoreditch

I instantly fell in love with this pink silk slip the moment I saw it. The only problem was it was in the nightgown section. And I had no intention of wearing it to sleep, but all the inclination to wear it out on the street. The solution? A plain white tshirt dress underneath, and done!…


Mad Hatters London Afternoon Tea

Being in London with one of my best girlfriends could only mean one thing: going out for Afternoon Tea. After extensively researching the various options in the city, both traditional and not so, I settled on the Mad Hatters Tea Party at the Sanderson Hotel. I loved the idea of a fun twist on the…


It Girl’s Guide to London Round-Up

There’s a reason London is my very favourite city, and I find myself dreaming about it more often than I should. I yearn to wander through the streets, from Notting Hill’s pastel rowhouses to Shoreditch’s graffiti-clad back alleys, from Mayfair’s chic boutiques, to walking along the South Bank. The street style makes most fashion bloggers…


1 Day in Notting Hill

When I embarked upon my solo trip to London this Spring, I got to enjoy full days of doing exactly what I wanted. I was on my own schedule, with no one else to answer to. While the first few days were largely spent in the centre: the City of London proper, Soho, and South Bank, I…


My First Yoga Retreat

Going into my first yoga retreat, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Being far from a self-described ‘yogi’, I wasn’t sure how my once-a-week Vinyasa Flow sessions would hold up to a twice daily full fledge immersion into yoga practise. I won’t lie, I did half expect some ashram style community with everyone barefoot and braless,…

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