Schönbrunn Palace Vienna

After spending my birthday in Budapest with a good friend, we took a train to Vienna, a city I’ve been wanting to visit since I first enrolled into architecture school. There we wandered the classicist-clad streets, admiring the sheer beauty of such a historic city, and marvelling at the cleanliness of it all (seriously, you could…


Swans & Sacher Torte

While in Vienna, we had one perfect day where everything we planned seemed to fall into place. We started with watching the Morning Practice in the architecturally-stunning Spanish Riding School, which “is the only institution in the world that has practiced for nearly 450 years and continues to cultivate classical equitation in the Renaissance tradition of…


5 Must-Try Eating Experiences in Vienna

Long being synonymous with the historical and stuffy classics, Vienna is hardly known as being the forefront of Europe’s trendy cultural landscape. Yet among the classical Viennese streetscapes is a lively network of wine bars (both traditional and new age), restaurants, bars, and cafes packed with young crowds, trendsetters, and hipsters, that almost makes you question…


Mezzanin7: Vienna’s Best Kept Dining Secret

When I first came across the concept of private supper clubs in CN Traveler’s Vienna Expert Guide, I was captivated by one particular photograph of a restaurant space, called Mezzanin7. It literally took my breath away. I immediately saved the article, self-vowing to visit the place when I got the chance to go to Vienna, one…


Postcard from Vienna

Vienna has been one of my top dream destinations ever since I became encapsulated with architectural design as a young woman. The rows upon rows of classicism buildings, with Renaissance symmetry, Baroque intricacies, and my personal favourite: all mixed in with contemporary interventions. I had heard that one could eat off the streets they were so clean….

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