Postcard from NYC

NYC is truly The City That Never Sleeps. After a whirlwind long weekend in The Big Apple, arriving back to our downtown-Toronto neighbourhood felt like a quiet sleepy town in comparison. But that is part of what makes it so wonderful, isn’t it? The constant commotion, the energy, the sheer chaos. It’s definitely a place that warrants…


Postcard from Slovenia

Our recent road trip through Slovenia was one of the most scenic trips of my life. From picturesque little lakeside towns, to unbelievably aquamarine rivers running through deep valleys, with mountainous vistas and a charming capital city, this smaller country wedged between Italy, Austria, and Croatia seems to meld together the best of all its neighbouring…


Postcard from Morocco

At times Morocco left me speechless. I just  couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. Whilst winding the maze that is the Old Medina, Marrakech truly seems like a land far far away. While scooters whizz by at unbelievable speeds as shop owners try to lure you into buying their goods, tantalising smells waft from the makeshift food vendors wedged between stalls…


Postcard from Dubrovnik

Croatia has been on the top of our bucket list for quite some time now. The only problem is, it seems to be on everyone’s else’s too. So we decided after flying into to Dubrovnik to save the rest of the country for another, less tourist-filled time, and head south down through the Balkans instead….


Postcard from Paris

Paris, the city of Love & Lights, is officially one of my favourite places on the planet. I love all the beautifully curated stores, the charming cafes, and the pastries are what dreams my are made of. Spending some time there leading up to Christmas was an ideal time to visit, given the lack of tourists,…


Postcard from Taormina

Taormina, in Southern Sicily, is the quintessential Italian town perched high upon a hill with unbelievable panoramic views of the sea below. Albeit, it is Sicily’s most popular vacation destination, and completely engulfed by tourists. For us, it was perfect to just spend the day there. However, the town of Taormina is completely charming with its…


Postcard from Palazzo Parisio

Although I’m so very fond of Malta, I find it hard to discover places on the island (other than the stunning natural landscape) that I truly feel in awe of. But stepping foot into Palazzo Parisio, situated in the town of Naxxar, does just that. Now that I’ve been a few times I feel so at…


Postcard from Mdina

Mdina, also known as the Silent City, was once the ancient capital of Malta. With very few residents, you can walk the medieval walled city in virtual silence, especially when wandering through the deserted narrow side streets. Rabat, Mdina’s suburb city, is almost equally as enchanting. Visit it as well to see some incredible sights,…

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