Quick + Easy Healthy Breakfast: Option II

In my continued quest to find the perfect fast, tasty, and healthy breakfast option, I’ve come up with great savoury solution. You can see my first option, a more sweet one, here. I’ve been thinking about making breakfast muffins for awhile, but it wasn’t until a friend tipped me off on a recipe she uses…


Quick + Easy Healthy Breakfast Option I

Since our move to the Mediterranean, I’ve been struggling with breakfast options that are quick, easy, protein-packed, lower in carbohydrates, and nutritious. Back home I would frequently whip up quick protein smoothies (almond milk, spinach, almond butter, strawberries, vanilla whey powder, and ice) or sometimes grab a Quest protein bar before running out the door….


Curb Your Cravings

Since I have quite the sweet tooth, I am constantly craving dessert. When a craving hits (i.e. after every meal), instead of reaching for exactly what I’m wanting, I grab a tea with a similar flavour profile. Sometimes I’m craving something tart and fruity, and would love a back of sour gummies. Or typically I…


Pull Up Progressions

Second to deadlifts, pull-ups are one of my all-time favourite exercises to do in the gym. Being female, we tend to have a hard time completing multiple full-extension pull-ups. But this doesn’t mean to say the ladies can’t out-pull-up our male counterparts. It can be done! They key is progressions. You don’t do your first…


Tea for Dessert

  It’s no secret that I have a huge sweet tooth. Routinely after eating every meal I crave something sweet. While reaching for the closest [insert sugar-laden dessert here] would satisfy my taste buds, it definitely isn’t ideal for my health. In fact, I don’t eat sugar very frequently, preferring to indulge only a couple…


2014 Non-Resolutions

Are you someone, who, at every turn of a new year sets concrete goals for yourself to accomplish that upcoming year? How often are those specific goals met, if ever? Recently I have been struggling with the notorious to-do list, of which I have always been a  loyal fan. Although they still serve me well,…

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