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Post-travel depression

I had just moved back home after living abroad for the past three years in Europe, on a tiny little island in the middle of the Mediterranean, in which I used as a home-base for travelling. I’d go on a trip a month, a novelty that never wore off coming from Canada (where we could…

Tropical Acai Smoothie Pineapple Bowl

Tropical Acai Pineapple Bowl

Now that Spring is officially here, I’ll be returning to my regular smoothie programming. Although this is not your average smoothie.   Obviously Acai has enjoyed its fair share of smoothie spotlight. But having been in Malta the past few years, the Brazilian fruit puree hadn’t arrived onto the island until very recently, thanks to Purple…


2017 Intents

Every new year, I re-read this post on goal setting. And every year it reminds me not to set any. Author James Clear describes goals as self-sabotaging, in the sense that they effectively state that you must achieve x by the time x, or else you fail. Instead, he places importance on sticking to systems that constantly…


My First Yoga Retreat

Going into my first yoga retreat, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Being far from a self-described ‘yogi’, I wasn’t sure how my once-a-week Vinyasa Flow sessions would hold up to a twice daily full fledge immersion into yoga practise. I won’t lie, I did half expect some ashram style community with everyone barefoot and braless,…


Pina Colada Chia Seed Pudding

Building on the post, Chia Seed Protein Pudding: Three Ways, here is the first recipe instalment. For me, there is nothing quite like a proper pina colada in a tropical destination. However, I find myself craving the flavours of one even in the dead of winter with no palm trees in sight. Pina Colada smoothies…


Chia Seed Protein Pudding: 3 Ways

Chia seed pudding is culinary genius. If you’re not familiar with this superfood, remember back to those popular plants that would sprout in the shape of an animal known as chia pets? Yeah, those chia seeds. The once common kitschy house plant has been reborn into one of the coolest health foods of the moment. Luckily for…


Blended Berry + Beet Chia Seed Pudding

Building on the post, Chia Seed Protein Pudding: Three Ways, here is the third recipe instalment (see the first two here and here). For those of you lucky enough to have a blender as part of your kitchen tools arsenal, then you have to try out this blended chia seed pudding recipe. Or if you’ve been…


Mocha Macadamia Chia Seed Pudding

Building on the post, Chia Seed Protein Pudding: Three Ways, here is the second recipe instalment (see the first recipe for Tropical Pina Colada Pudding). If you find yourself craving an indulgent snack, look no further than this ah-mazing Mocha Macadamia Pudding. I’ve upped the ante by adding in dried mulberries, as inspired by my favourite…


2015 intents

Happy New Year! I sincerely hope your 2014 was spectacular and that 2015 brings you everything you dream of and beyond. This time last year I wrote a post on my 2014 intents, and how I believe that outlining intentions for the year, instead of concrete goals, is more beneficial in setting you up for success. I…


Beet Chips

Since living here in Lviv, I’ve been eager to try out some Ukrainian recipes. However, traditional ones intimidate me, by been either too labour-intensive (I’m looking at you, perogies, aka varenyky), or unhealthy. Since the idea of slaving away all day over a batch of potato varenyky or grating infinite pounds of beets for borscht…

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