Why We Don’t Need to Go Back to Europe

After having lived abroad for 3 years in Europe, we made the decision to moved back to our Canadian home city, where we’ve remained for the past 8 months. And to be honest, that decision was regretted every single day since for the first half a year of our return. It’s only recently started to…


Bloody Acai Halloween Cocktail

Whether you’re throwing a party this year, or just need something to sip on while dishing candy out to the trick & treaters, then this ‘Bloody Acai’ cocktail is for you. The acai berry puree gives it a deep rich purple colour (not to mention a serious antioxidant boost!), as well as a cloudy look…


Which Travel Accommodation is Best for You?

Personally, I can’t bear the thought of sharing a 10-bed dorm room or bathroom with strangers. I’ve done the whole hostel thing, and have found it’s not for me. But if YOU are ok with it, then by all means book a shared room, because there are not much more affordable options than that. If…

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