Moving On From Malta

The time has come to move on. Literally. We’ve decided that we’re ready to move from Malta, and this little rock we’ve called home for the past three years. The decision did not come easily, but a number of factors aligned together that lead us to come to this conclusion. Of course, it will be bittersweet. We’ll be leaving…


Which Travel Accommodation is Best for You?

Personally, I can’t bear the thought of sharing a 10-bed dorm room or bathroom with strangers. I’ve done the whole hostel thing, and have found it’s not for me. But if YOU are ok with it, then by all means book a shared room, because there are not much more affordable options than that. If…


Chocolate Flower Bark

Last year, I created this Easter Candy Bark, which was a hit. While it’s still a fun & easy recipe for both kids and adults alike, it was time for an upgrade. I’ve been wanting to incorporate edible flower petals into various creations for some time now, and what better time of introducing them into my recipe…

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